The game takes place thousands of years in the future. Entropy is slowly taking over the universe. Nothing works like it should.
As the various races that populate the known universe begin to panic, old legends of the Oracle begin to surface.
The Oracle promises eternal life to all those who possess it. It houses all the knowledge of the universe.
It calls out to be liberated from those who are undeserving. It speaks across insurmountable distances in whispers and dreams.

Everything known about the Oracle is conjecture. It reveals what it wants to.
Written records over millions of years speak of the trials and tribulations to try and decipher its true purpose and power.
The Oracle expects those who fight for it to adhere to a code of honor.
No innocents may be harmed. Only certain weapons are permitted. Only one agent from a species is allowed to search for the Oracle at one time.
Some of the rules appear to be contradictory. Only a vague idea based on guesswork and experience allows for the current pursuit of the artifact.

Xenocaches are spread out across the universe. They contain equipment that can be used in pursuit of the Oracle.
The best equipment is protected by hazards to be overcome by the brave or foolish.

Huge armies have destroyed countless worlds only to find that the Oracle would not leave with them. It could not be taken against its will.
It had somehow bonded to the fabric of space-time. Those who do not honor and obey the Oracle find tragedy befall them.
It is rumored that the Oracle can move, but no entity has born witness.

There is another rumor of a race that has transcended this universe.
Some believe they created the Oracle. Others claim that they only possessed it in the last cycle of the endless rebirth.
Those who have gone mad pursuing the Oracle say that the Transcendents have observed this game forever and always.
The Oracle always ends up at the center of the universe. Is it the cause of the collapse, a symptom, or merely a catalyst?