You can't create something fantastic without a great design team.
Despite all my dedication and vision, you just need a different perspective ocassionaly to craft the best possible product.
I am truly grateful to all my friends, family, and playtesters.
Below is a list of people who were instrumental in making this game a reality.
Planet Gen. Fractal world map generator written by Lance Gharat. resource for the icons that I used on my prototype cards.

Gary Simpson. Did my promo art for the first races and planets. His advice and experience in the game industry was very helpful.

Christopher Holmes. Designed the card iconography and range arc for the weapon cards. He was always excited to see this game come to fruition!
Also designed the shrinking universe animated .gif!

Loren Coleman. Industry insider who helped me learn what pitfalls to avoid.

Molly Corbett. My wife and supporter. She lit the spark that rekindled the fire in this project. She has always encouraged me and was never afraid to tell me, "That's stupid".

Claire Corbett. My daughter. She was the first Planeteer. She also helped me make videos to promote the game and teach people how to play.

Brendan Corbett. My Son. He was the technical aspect of the video production.

Portland Game Crafter's guild. A great resource!
They have been willing to play this game everytime that I brought it to the table.
They helped me take a good game and make it a great game!

Noah Gadea. He was an early playtester who helped me stay on track
despite the fact that he is designing a similar game from the exact same inspiration piece!

Dr. Glenn Sykes. A genius and madman who inspired me to make a game with NO DICE.

Thank you all very much!